Cool Fantasy Mindrover Competitions

An ongoing mindrover competition


Mon Mar 25 16:20:41 EST 2002
Hey... People submitting rovers... cool!
Tue Feb 19 07:23:24 EST 2002
Hmm... no-one seems to be submitting anything...
Thu Jan 24 23:16:30 EST 2002
Made the web page a bit easier to use. BattlePak doesn't work.
Thu Jan 24 06:35:36 EST 2002
I got bored, and submitted my own robot.
Thu Jan 24 04:13:32 EST 2002
A bit of miscellaneous maintainence on the page, it shouldn't change drastically any more.
Note: Please use the url and email, not and!
Wed Jan 23 23:57:12 EST 2002
Fixed the colours and added a few more rules. Thanks for the tip Sord:)
Wed Jan 23 23:05:56 EST 2002
Added all the rest of the levels.
Wed Jan 23 22:25:49 EST 2002
First rovers. Thankyou Demolisher.
Wed Jan 23 20:32:54 EST 2002
First time this page is out on the net.

The competitions!

You can download a rover by clicking on its name.
If there is a blank spot (without a table of rankings), then no-one has sent in their rovers for that track yet (hint, hint).

The rules
These tracks are using the built-in rules (I haven't modified them at all). There is no time limit. If both the bots are hopelessly stuck in a corner or going endlessly around in circles, then it is considered a draw. If the game comes very close, I will run it through a few more times and get the best out of three.
You are allowed to use only the standard Cognitoy parts.

Click a link to go to that competition.


To submit your rover, send me an email giving me your name, the name of your rover, the rover itself, and if you only send the .vmf then tell me that. You can send it in any zipped form (.zip, .tar.gz, .rar, whatever), just as long as I get the .vmf file. Send in the .wst and .ice files if you want everyone to see your wiring. Click here to mail me your rover!

The nitty-gritty

Mindrover is a great programming game by Cognitoy. If you don't have it, then get it! I am running all these competitions on a RedHat Linux 7.2 machine, with Mindrover v1.07a (Lokified). I will try to update the scores every week. Feel free to send me a comment.
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